We hope you find it in your budget to reserve a donation for Brady’s Hope. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to continue the work that was promised to Brady and the mission of the organization.

We’d like to recognize the local businesses, organizations and individuals that help make Brady’s Hope possible:


USAggregatesgoltzhogslatCutler RidgeMadisons MissionsPerfective Web Designs, Inc.

Brees Dream FoundationMinnich May FarmsLambert FarmsYoders


Delphi General Hardware Ritchey Farms


Our Individual Sponsors:

Cochran Family

Eric & Michelle Cox

Jane Zhag

Dan Towery

Larry & Joyce Skiles

Dr. Jordon & Deanna Dutter

Vince Dawn Seward

Jim Layman

Pat & Barb Hickner

Charles & Jayne Huckstep

Mary Zinn

Greg & Teresa Zinn

Alan & Jenny Zinn

Andy & Susan Zinn

Alan & Dale McCracken

Ed & Jane Oyler

Jason & Jodi Oyler

George & Nancy Ringer

Anonymous Donation Winamac, IN

Please consider supporting our mission and vision by becoming a Brady’s Hope sponsor!

If you are interested in becoming a Brady’s Hope sponsor or making a donation to Brady’s Hope, please fill out the contact information and we will soon be in contact with you.

An important goal of Brady’s Hope is to be financed by means other than primarily through private donations. Living in such a small community we understand the pressure of local businesses continually being asked to donate to various causes. Therefore, we are working diligently to explore other avenues for financial stability such as grants, scholarships, DVD sales and presentation fees. Unfortunately, we are not there yet.

In order to continue our mission of bringing drug awareness to families and helping our youth choose healthy DRUG FREE lifestyles we need your help to make a difference. We sincerely request your financial support.

We also ask that you spread the word about our mission to others that share the same goals in our community.