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Lock It Up   – Safeguarding your prescriptions is a must. This will not only prevent your own child, but his or her friends who come over, from taking drugs out of your medicine cabinet or kitchen. Consider keeping your medicines in a lock box or a safe (

Mind Your Meds  – Take an inventory of all the medicine in your home and dispose of what you don’t need. Continue to take inventory on your medicines at least once a week. Application of this step will help prevent theft or misplacement of your medicines. Find your closest participating location (Carroll County Sheriff’s Department) and drop off any expired, unused, or unwanted medicines you may have in your home. The National Prescription Drug Take Back Initiative is scheduled for April 26.

Support your Local Drug Awareness Group  – Emotional support includes sponsoring a drug awareness event, fundraiser, local presentation and prayer as well as publicly support a drug free community. Financial support is always appreciated and greatly appreciated. Public and private support in your community, schools, teams, and community is needed by everyone.

Together We Can Make A Difference

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